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Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - Women in Correctional Homes

Of the total prison population there are on an average up to 8-10% women prisoners lodged in the correctional homes of the State at any given point of time. Children up to the age of 6 years are allowed to accompany their parents/mothers. Such children are invariably lodged in the female enclosures of correctional homes with their mothers. The number of such children varies from 2-3% of the total prison population. Special arrangements have been made for protection of women prisoners keeping in mind their dignity while in custody.

The State has separate correctional homes for women as well as separate enclosures in all the correctional homes including sub-correctional homes for protection, privacy and dignity for women prisoners. However, there is no female ward in Alipore Central Correctional Home and a few Sub-correctional homes.

Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - Women in Correctional Homes

Separate Correctional Homes for Women

The first ever separate correctional home for women prisoners was established in the district of Purulia with a capacity for 100 women prisoners in the year 1995.

In keeping with the recommendations made by the Committee on Empowerment of Women (2001-2002) headed by Ms Margaret Alva it was being felt that there should be a correctional home exclusively for women in Kolkata, which would be run, as far as possible, by female correctional staff. A place where the female prisoners would feel protected. A place where they wouldn’t feel threatened because of their gender.

Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - Women in Correctional Homes

A place where they wouldn’t feel self-conscious but instead, be able to move freely around. A place where privacy does not come at a premium.Hence, the second women’s correctional home of the State has been inaugurated in erstwhile Alipore Special Correctional Home on March 26, 2008 by Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal Sri Gopal Krishna Gandhi. It is located at Alipore, Kolkata and is surrounded by lush greenery tall fruit and flower trees as well as small plants, shrubs and bushes. The campus has a range of facilities for the inmates which include other than modern accommodation for 300 women, facilities for the education of the inmates such as library and for vocational training. There are also facilities for medical care, recreational activities, cultural events etc. The new correctional home also has an HIV/AIDS Hospice. It also been sanctioned an ICDS Centre by the Deptt of Child Development & Social Welfare.

Special Amenities Provided In The Female Enclosures For Privacy And Protection Of Women Prisoners:
  • There are separate enclosures for women in all the correctional homes where they are confined. There is provision for sanitary toilets within the enclosures. Sufficient day and night sanitary toilets have been provided in the enclosures to cater to the needs of the women inmates. Deficiencies in this regard are being located and rectified and made up. Electric fans and electric lights are provided in the enclosures.
  • Complete medical facilities are provided to them. There are Lady Doctors in Presidency Correctional Home and in Women’s Correctional Homes at Alipore and Purulia.
  • The attending physician prescribes special diet to expectant, lactating and convalescing women prisoners.
  • UT women prisoners are given all facilities at par with those provided to the convicts.
  • The women prisoners also organize and participate in various cultural programmes on different occasions.