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Civil Society Participation

Prison Reforms is a movement today. The enactment of a progressive and modern prison law – The West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992 and its enactment with effect from 14th April, 2000 has ushered a paradigm shift from the age old theory of retribution towards the well-thought out new philosophy of correctional approach for the moral reformation and correction of the inmates through education in order to facilitate their reintegration with the main stream society on release. The gradual transformation of prison administration in line with the modern correctional philosophy and rehabilitation approach towards the jail inmates is resulting into a wholesome and healthy environment in our correctional homes. This is sought to be achieved by providing a healthy ambience and modern facilities to the inmates for their moral education, recreation and vocational training. Steps have also been initiated for bringing about an attitudinal change in the mind-set of the prison staff. Everyday we are taking new steps in the field of prison reforms mainly in regards to the welfare of prisoners. Such a stupendous task cannot be achieved only by the very limited manpower and resources in the correctional homes of the State without the help of our NGO partners. Besides, in spite of an ever increasing interface with the community of late, the correctional homes still by and large remain closed organization and hence the necessity of active community participation in the correctional services which is in the interest of the inmates, the correctional services as well as the community itself.

NGOs Working in Correctional Homes

Sl. No.
Name of NGOs
Field of work
Correctional Home
1. Apostolic Carmel

Primary education for children accompanying mothers.

Vocational training in tailoring and knitting

Presidency CH

Alipore Women's CH

Sr. Alexia A.C.
Sr. Lidwin

Malabika Basu Karmakar
2. Awaaz Giving gifts to children accompanying mothers. Alipore Women’s CH Veena Nathan
3. Bolivara OFFER Jute Craft, Tailoring, Vermi-Compose Dum Dum CCH Presidency CH Dr. Satyajit Ganguly
4. Catholic Charity, Krishnanagar 1. Counseling. Krishnanagar DCH

Sr. Mary Lobo

(Holy Child)
2. Celebration of various important / special days like New Year, Christmas etc.
3. Organizing various cultural competition, sports for inmates.
4. Financial and materials support of prisoners children for their education.
5. Conducting prayer sessions and imparting moral education
5. Chirayata (Alumni Association of Maharaj Udaychand Womens' College), Burdwan Counseling & Moral Teaching. Burdwan DCH Santi Bandhyopadhya.
6. Chitta Prakash Art Workshop Dum Dum CCH Asish Sengupta
7. CINI ASHA Giving educational toys to children. Alipore Women’s CH Veena Lakhumalani
8. Don Bosco Prison Ministry, Berhampore

Vocational Training for prisoners & financial aid for children's back home for their education.

Medinipur CCH



Fr. N.T. Scaria.
Supply of vans to inmates & stipend to prisoners’ children for education Lalgola OACH
Vocational Training. Berhampore CCH
Providing stipend to prisoners’ children for education. Suri DCH
9. Flight to Harmony Foundation Art Workshop Alipore CCH Chitta De.
Alipore Women's CH
10. Help Age India Interaction among Old Age Home residents with correctional home inmates Alipore Women’s CH Anuradha Sen
11. Holy Child School, Purulia Mainstream schooling of prisoners’ children Purulia Women’s CH Principal
12. Holy Child Institute Educational support to prisoners’ children Howrah DCH Principal
13. Lions Club of Terai Celebrating Special days like Independence day etc with the inmates. Siliguri Spl CH  
14. Madhya Banga Ram Krishna Vivekananda Bhabprachar Parishad, F-Zone 1. Primary Education of Male and Female inmates and of children of Female inmates. Suri DCH Swami Divyananda
2. Conducting cultural activities among inmates.
3. Sponsoring education of children back home.
4. Providing study materials to inmates.
5. Book binding training to inmates.
15. Maru Behag Conducting theatre workshop for convicts. Alipore CCH Jolly Guha Roy.
Alipore Women's CH
16. Matrisangha Janakalyan Ashram Educational Support to prisoners’ children living back home in the community;
Training of Barefoot Lawyers
Presidency CH and Correctional Homes of North Bengal Rupali Moulik
17. Missionaries of Charity Counseling of Christian male & female inmates. Prsidency CH Sumita Mantosh
Providing Christian Religious Services. Alipore CCH Sumita Mantosh
Value Education Dum Dum CCH Sumita Mantosh
18. Nandana Needlework. Alipore Women's CH Dr. Aparna Neogi.
19. NSHM & NIMC Documentation Presidency CH Prof Judhajit Sarkar
Madhupa Bakshi
20. Offer Jute Craft Course Dum Dum CCH Satyajit Ganguly.
Educational Support to Prisoners' Children Back Home Alipore CCH Mrinal Biswas

Presidency CH

Dum Dum CCH
Mrinal Biswas
21. Orange bloom Documentation Alipore Women’s CH/ Alipore Central CH Amal Ghosh
22. Patanjali Yog Samity Conducting Yoga Classes for inmates. Alipore CCH Gopal Jalan.
23. Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya Meditation, Raksha Bandhan Alipore CCH Sr. B.K. Kannan.
24. Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya Yoga & Meditation, Raksha Bandhan Coochbehar DCH B.K. Swapan Bhai & B.K. Shampa Bohin.
25. Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya Meditation, Raksha Bandhan Presidency CH Sr. B.K.Kalpana
26. Ramkrishna Ashram, Burdwan Counseling & Moral Teaching. Burdwan DCH Swami Sadrupananda.
27. Ramkrishna Mission, Coochbehar Education among male prisoners. Coochbehar DCH Jitendra Nath Kundu.
28. Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission, Barrackpore Tailoring Course Dum Dum CCH Swami Nityarupa Nanda
29. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Malda 1. Assisting examinee inmates by paying examination fees. Alipore CCH Nirmal Nandi.
2. Conducting weekly session of "pranayam" classes & awakening of consciences amongst inmates.
3. Imparting computer training to inmates.
4. Maintenance of a pool of spiritual books for the use of inmates
1. Value education.
2. Canteen service through SHG
Non-formal education.
1. Conducting several spiritual lecture sessions.
2. Conducting various training session like Book Binding, Thermocol cutting, Making paper packet, Tailoring, Computer operating.
3. Organizing various cultural activites like recitation, music etc.
4. Conducting literacy programme and elementary education programme Dum Dum CCH Swami Dibyananda
5. Health Awareness and Health Education Camp Hooghly DCH 1. Amiya Kr. Chakraborty.
2. Pasupati Mallik.
3. Saumitra Singha.
4. Jayanta Kr. Sen.
Literacy programme, Cultural programme & Vocational Training in the trades of Tailoring, Carpentry, Book-binding for male inmates Krishnanagar DCH Debasish Roy.
Supply of vans to inmates & financial help for children's education Malda DCH Swami Parasharananda.
Mental & spiritual upliftment  of inmates. Lalgola OACH Swami Parasharananda
1. Vocational Training. Medinipur CCH Swami Binischayananda Maharaj.
2. Spiritual Training. Berhampore CCH Swami Dibyananda Maharaj.
Adult education of primary level and devotional music. Alipore Women's CH Nirmal Kr. Nandy.
Value education and cultural pursuit. Raiganj DCH Subhendu Mukherjee.
30. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Chandannagar Meditation Chandannagar SCH  
31. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Neempith Imparting education to prisoners’ children living back home in the community.  

Sadananda Maharaj

Ashish Maharaj
32. Rotary Club of Calcutta Mahanagar Supporting education of prisoners’ children back home of convicts whose families are residents of 24-Pgs(S) District. Alipore CCH

Sushil Sethia

Rita Jhawar.
33. Sanlaap Counseling & Legal Aid Services to the Bangladesh and other foreign nationals and also helping in their repatriation process. Presidency CH

Indrani Sinha
Tapati Bhowmick,

Sanchita Mitra
34. Sarada Sangha (RKMA), Malda Meditation and devotional music. Alipore Women's CH Manju Mukherjee.
35. Satyam Seva Kendra Conducting yoga workshop for the benefit of male & female inmates and organizing different culture & sports activities. Presidency CH P.C.Rateria
Children back home project. Dum Dum CCH P.C.Rateria
36. SEVAC Mental health Dum Dum CCH Dr. S. Chakraborty.
37. Sisters of Charity Educational support to prisoners’ children living back home in the community

Presidency CH,

Alipore Women’s CH,

Dum Dum CCH, Alipore CCH
Provincial Superior
38. SRISHTI Interacting with children, women and giving gifts on special occasions like Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas etc. Presidency CH

Dr. B.Majumdar

39. Society of Community Intervention & Research AIDS awareness programme. Prsidency CH Sanchari Dey
Counseling of prisoners for prevention of AIDS & detection in cases of willing inmates. Alipore CCH Anindita Roy.
HIV prevention, councelling and detection. Dum Dum CCH 1. Anindita Roy.
2. Sanchari Dey
40. Sri Ram Krishna Vivekananda Society under Ramkrishna Mission Ashrama, Malda Educational and cultural development of male inmates. Siliguri Spl. CH Gouranga Ch. Das
41. Sri Sarada Sangha, Purulia Spiritual and cultural activities. Purulia Women's CH Malabika Ghosh
42. Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation, Malda Literacy programme for both male & female inmates. Malda DCH Secretary, Bikash Behari Palit.
43. St. Joseph's of Cluny, St. Joseph's Abode, Mahakalpally Educational and cultural development of male inmates. Siliguri Spl. CH Sr. Margaret.
44. Sukchar Pancham Repertory Theatre Theatre Workshop Dum Dum CCH Moloy Mitra.
45. SUKRITI – Kolkata Television Documentation Kolkata CHs Abhijit Das Gupta
46. Swajan Charitable Trust Educational support to prisoners’ children living back home.   Subrata Roy
47. TATA Consultancy Services Computer Aided Adult Literacy Programme 15 Correctional Homes of the State  
48. Touch World Dance Workshop, Cookery workshop. Alipore Women's CH Alokananda Roy
Dance Workshop Presidency CH
49. Trinita Society for Social and Health Research Education among children & women prisoner. Coochbehar DCH Birendra Kr. Dutta.
50. Udayani Social Action Forum Sponsoring education of children back home of convicts whose families are resident of Burdwan. Alipore CCH, Dum Dum CCH, Alipore Women’s CH, Burdwan DCH

Arpita Dey

Subhra Mishra

Family Counseling.

Celebration of important and special days.
Alipore Women's CH Fr. Prabal Gomes SJ.
51. Vivek Chetana Needlework. Alipore Women's CH Krishna Dutta.
52. Vyakti Vikas Kendra Yoga & Meditation Dum Dum CCH Kanti Kamdar.

State Level Dialogue with NGO/Social Organizations

Prison Reforms is the buzzword today. After all, the endeavour of the Correctional Services in the State is to bring positive changes. But in order to do that, it is important to listen to what others have to say. It is curtail to take the advice and suggestions of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Social Organizations, who are committed to the cause of