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Civil Society Participation

Prison Reforms is a movement today. The enactment of a progressive and modern prison law – The West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992 and its enactment with effect from 14th April, 2000 has ushered a paradigm shift from the age old theory of retribution towards the well-thought out new philosophy of correctional approach for the moral reformation and correction of the inmates through education in order to facilitate their reintegration with the main stream society on release. The gradual transformation of prison administration in line with the modern correctional philosophy and rehabilitation approach towards the jail inmates is resulting into a wholesome and healthy environment in our correctional homes. This is sought to be achieved by providing a healthy ambience and modern facilities to the inmates for their moral education, recreation and vocational training. Steps have also been initiated for bringing about an attitudinal change in the mind-set of the prison staff. Everyday we are taking new steps in the field of prison reforms mainly in regards to the welfare of prisoners. Such a stupendous task cannot be achieved only by the very limited manpower and resources in the correctional homes of the State without the help of our NGO partners. Besides, in spite of an ever increasing interface with the community of late, the correctional homes still by and large remain closed organization and hence the necessity of active community participation in the correctional services which is in the interest of the inmates, the correctional services as well as the community itself.

NGOs Working in Correctional Homes