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Official Website of West Bengal Prisons, India - Training Of Staff

Training Institute, Medinipur

In order to improve the lives of prisoners we have to improve ourselves. And only professional traning can prepare the staff for ensuring their safe custody with due regard to the rights of prisoners. With this belief, we have started Training Institute for those who work at grassroots level in the correctional homes. Running in full swing since October 27, 2005, the Training Institute, as it is simply called, is situated in a 6-acre pollution free campus in the district of Paschim Medinipur. What we want to achieve by having a Training Institute of our own is to make the guarding staff professionally competent and sensitize them to the needs of inmates in every possible way. It is also our endeavor to bring about positive changes in the attitude and behavior of the head warders and warders which will ultimately impact the lives of the inmates in our custody.
Official Website of West Bengal Prisons, India - Training Of Staff
Induction Level Course

The main training course for warders is the Induction Level Course of 6 months duration which includes theoretical and practical training, the main focus of the course being physical fitness, discipline and modern trends in correctional services. But other areas such as honing skills for tackling emergent or unforeseen situations are also taught.


Outdoor Subjects
Indoor Subjects
  • Drill without Arms
  • Arms Drill
  • Guard and Sentry Duty
  • Weapon Training
  • Crowd Control and Lathi Drill
  • Tear Smoke
  • Crowd Control Practice
  • Un-armed Combat
  • Yoga
  • Firing Practices
  • Physical Training / Road Run
  • Sports & Games
  • Fire Fighting
  • Wall Climbing
  • First Aid
  • Social Awareness
  • Sociology
  • Criminology
  • Correctional Administration
  • Correctional Management
  • Indian Constitution
  • IPC / CrPC / Indian Evidence Act / Arms Act / Other Acts and Rules
  • Law including West Bengal Correctional Services Act
  • Jail Code
  • West Bengal Service Rules
  • Human Rights
  • Moral Education