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Official Website of West Bengal Prisons, India - Training Of Staff
Pre-promotional Training

Training of the correctional staff of all ranks is of utmost importance not only as a means of ensuring that the tasks undertaken by the West Bengal Correctional Services are carried out as efficiently as possible but also for giving confidence and imparting a sense of dignity and self-respect to staff. The present day aim of the correctional administration is reclamation of the offenders so that they may be returned to society as a reformed person, ready to take their share in its affair. Hence, there, has to be a platform where all the information pertaining to the role of a correctional home can be shared and experiences of others can be used to enrich the knowledge and the skill of personnel of the correctional home who are due for promotion so that they are able to fulfill the objectives laid out in the

Official Website of West Bengal Prisons, India - Training Of Staff
West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992, in their new role on securing promotion to a higher rank.

The warders on their promotion as head warder play a very important role in a correctional home's administration. Similarly, head warders on their promotion as chief head warder are required to play a different and more supervisory role. The pre-promotional training course aims at taking full advantage of the knowledge, skill and experience of the trainees as warder and prepares them for their new role as head warder and chief head warder.

Course Design for Pre-promotional Training

The following are some of the subjects that are covered in the pre-promotional training course:

  • The State and the Central Government
  • Organization of the State Police, CPO’s Role and Functions
  • Law - The Constitution of India and Major Acts
  • Police duties (Protection of SOC, Traffic Management, Dealing with crowds)
  • Security (IED Threats, Handling emergent situations, Soft targets)
  • Front Office Management & Personality Development
  • Fire Control management
  • Disaster Management etc
  • Drill, Physical Training, Unarmed Combat etc.
  • First Aid Drill.
Wall Climbing Training

A new chapter was added in the training of guarding staff of  West Bengal Correctional Services when we decided to include artificial wall climbing in the outdoor curriculum of induction level training from the 6th Batch. Artificial wall clim bing helps the trainees gain confidence and makes them physically and mentally tough.

Official Website of West Bengal Prisons, India - Training Of Staff


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