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Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - GOs, Notifications, Circulars

GOs, Notifications & Circulars of West Bengal Correctional Services, India

14 November, 2018

Notification for Shifting of Alipore Central CH

14 November, 2018

Notification of Baruipur Central CH

01 November, 2018

The WB Correctional Services (Amendment) Act, 2018

13th July, 2018

West Bengal Correctional Services Welfare Board

20th May, 2016

The WB Correctional Services (Amendment) Act, 2016

10th Jannuary, 2014

The WB Correctional Services (Second Amendment) Act, 2013

20th November, 2013

The WB Correctional Services (Amendment) Act, 2013

7th November, 2013

List of RTI Applications Received

27th August, 2013

Mark Sheet & Final List of Departmental Exam for Asst Controller-2013

9th July, 2013

Revision in diet in respect of Rice

8th July, 2013

Circular for Badges of Ranks

18th December, 2008

The West Bengal Prisoners'  Welfare Fund Rules, 2008

25th March, 2009

Committee to examine various issues affecting the well being of the persons
incarcerated in the correctional homes in the State

18th May, 2009

Ration Allowance

25th May, 2009

Ban on smoking in correctional home premises

26th May, 2009

Self Help Group at Alipore Central Correctional Home

5th June, 2009

Visiting fees to Medical Officers

12th June, 2009

West Bengal Correctional Home Residents' Sports Club

9th July, 2009

Self Help Group at Dum Dum Central Correctional Home

31st July, 2009

Establishment of the "West Bengal Institute of Correctional Administration (WBICA)"

17th August, 2009

Self Help Group at Presidency Correctional Home

11th November, 2009

Appointment of Director of West Bengal Institute of Correctional Administration.

10th December, 2009

Revised scale of diet for the diabetic inmates in the correctional homes

10th December, 2009

Wage Revision Board

Operational Guidelines

Operational guidelines for Medical Officers in Correctional Homes

1st July, 2010

Role and Functions of the Psychologist

26th July, 2010

Award of Correctional Services Medals [Nomination Form]

17th September, 2010

Monthly report by DIsG of Correctional Services and AIsG of Correctional Services

17th September, 2010

Inspections by AIsG and DIsG [Memorandum of points]

22nd September 2010

Practical Training of Probationary Correctional Officers [Annexure – I] [Annexure – II]