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Welfare of Prisoners

Prisoners’ Wages

Prisoners’ wages were last enhanced in the State vide G.O. No. 150-DCA/O/4M-16/12 Dated 26.04.2017 as follows:

  1. For skilled labour From Rs.35.00  to Rs. 100.00 per head daily
  2. For Semi skilled labour From Rs.30.00 to Rs. 90.00 per head daily
  3. For unskilled labour From Rs.26.00 to Rs. 80.00 per head daily

There is, however, a provision for deduction of Rs.2.00 per head per day from the wages of the prisoners for deposit in the ‘Victim Fund’ as per directive of the Supreme Court. But since the Victim Fund is yet to be constituted no such deduction is made at present. 50% of the wages earned by prisoners are expendable and the rest 50% are un-expendable. The inmates deposit this un-expendable portion in a savings bank A/C which is paid to them on their release to facilitate their rehabilitation.

The State Government has been moved for enhancement of prisoners’ wages once again in keeping with the trend in other States of India. The proposal is under consideration of the State Government.

Prisoners’ Welfare Fund

At last there is a Prisoners’ Welfare Fund in the State of West Bengal. And the dream of having a Welfare Fund of our own in the State became a reality with the notification of the West Bengal Prisoners’ Welfare Fund Rules, 2008 in the Kolkata Gazette Dtd. December 18, 2008 after two long years’ efforts. The delay was partly because of lack of any provision regarding such a Fund in the West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992 which necessitated its amendment by the State Legislative Assembly. The delay has helped in drawing on some of the best practices in other States of India to make it a comprehensive set of Rules. The Prisoners’ Welfare Fund will be utilized for providing post-release support to the prisoners for rehabilitation, educational support to the prisoners and their children, support to the families of the prisoners back home, for subsistence in case of abject poverty, for meeting expenses for treatment and marriage of daughters, for organizing cultural, recreational activities and sports in the correctional homes and for publication of magazine, journals and books written by the prisoners.

An attempt has been made through the notification at decentralization and delegation of powers to the Superintendents of central correctional homes who will be assisted by a Circle Executive Committee. We have made an attempt to bring in a degree of transparency and public participation in the affairs of Prisoners’ Welfare Fund by nomination of prominent public personalities in the Central Executive Committee and Circle Executive Committees. The establishment of the Fund is likely to give a fillip to cultural and recreational activities (in the correctional homes) and sports. The prisoners have already collected funds through public performances of ‘Taser Desh’ , ‘Valmiki Pratibha’ and sale of paintings & sculptures made by them through art exhibition.

We can accept contributions in the Prisoners’ Welfare Fund from the Central Govt / State Govt , Central Government / State Government Undertakings and private organizations / members of public (with prior written approval of the State Govt).


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