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Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - Prisoners’ Children in Correctional Homes

Diet for Children

Scale Of Diet For Child Staying With Mother :

The scale of diet for infants and the children aged from 0 year to 6 years will be as follows:

Up to 6 months Food Groups Food Item 6-12 months 1-3 Years 4-6 Years
Exclusive breast
feeding. If for some
reason, the mother
can not feed the
baby, undiluted
fresh cowmilk of 600 ml
shall be provided
Cereals Rice, Atta, Chira, Muri, Suji, Dalia, Bread etc. 45 grms. 120 grms 210 grms.
Pulses Musur Dal, Moong Dal, Sattu etc. 15 gms. 30 gms. 45 gms.
Milk Milk Breast Milk & other milk 200 ml/500ml respectively 500 ml. 500 ml.
Roots and Tubers Potato, Carrot, Onion etc. 50 gms. 50 gms. 100 gms.
Green leafy vegetables Notay Saag, Palang Saag etc. 25 gms. 50 gms. 50 gms.
Other vegetables Bean, Papaya, Red Pumpkin 25 gms. 50 gms. 50 gms.
Flesh foods Fish, Meat, Egg.   25 gms. Fish in place of 15 gms. Pulses 2 days per week, ½ egg in place of 30 gms. Pulses 1 day per week. 50 gms. Fish in place of gms. Pulses days per week and egg in place of 30 gms. pulses 1 day per week.
Fruit Banana, Orange 100 gms. 100 gms. 100 gms.
Sugar Velly goor/ Sugar 25 gms. 25 gms. 30 gms.
Fat & Oil Oil, Butter etc. 10 gms. 20 gms. 25 gms.

Education of Children

  • Apart from the ICDS centres there are schools in the correctional homes where the children are imparted non-formal education.
  • Steps have been taken for admission of prisoners’ children in mainstream schools outside the correctional home where they are going regularly and return to their mother in correctional home after school hours. Metamorphosis, Issue 12/Page-6


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