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Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - Message

Message from Peeyush Pandey, IPS

Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services

Peeyush Pandey, IPS

ADG & IG of Correctional Services
West Bengal

In West Bengal, we are engaged in transforming our erstwhile prisons into true correctional homes. Some vital policy decisions have been taken regarding innovative reformation programmes by involving civil society organizations in the affairs of the homes.

Crime is the outcome of deviant behavior. It may be the result of strong provocation, may be committed on the spur of the moment, may even be committed unwillingly. Whatever be the reason, we at the correctional set up are concerned with three things: Safety of the society at large which warrants incarceration of the alleged offenders; safety and security of those incarcerated which calls for appropriate segregation and facilities and correctional measures including effective skill upgradation and inspiring self-worth of the inmates. We are constantly endeavouring to achieve all the three goals.

It is our endeavour to do everything possible to impart human dignity to our inmates by helping them make positive contribution to the mainstream society even from within the four walls of the correctional home. This website is part of our crusade to sensitize the society at large about the human beings incarcerated in our correctional homes and to seek its participation in the gigantic task of their reintegration with the society on their release. Such a task cannot be achieved without the participation of civil society and transparency in our functioning. A person does not become a non person by being in custody. It has to be remembered by the staff and civil society partners working in the correctional homes that protection of fundamental rights, human rights and legal rights of the inmates is their due and not a favour done to them.

We seek your active support in this mission.