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Accommodation & Living Conditions

  • The prisoners are accommodated in dormitories.
  • There are provisions for keeping the convicts, under trials and first offenders in separate barracks.
  • There are separate enclosures for female prisoners within the correctional homes.
  • The wards are equipped with proper lighting arrangement and fans.
  • Since the prisoners are locked up in their respective wards at sunset till next sunrise, sufficient arrangement for potable water is made.
  • The wards have sanitary latrines to answer nature’s call. There are sufficient day-latrines in the correctional homes.
  • The prisoners have to sleep on the floor, but three blankets and a cotton bed sheet are provided to each of them. Proper bedding is provided only in the hospitals of the prisons.
  • There are Manufactory Departments in all central correctional homes of the State where convicts are put into labor in various trades for imparting training where they can acquire skills which ultimately facilitate their rehabilitation in the society after being released from the correctional home.
  • There is a Jail Depot at the ground floor of Writers’ Buildings Kolkata where from the jail products are being sold.
  • Convict prisoners have to wear the clothes supplied by the authorities. Their clothes are manufactured in the prisons only with the help of looms and are tailored by the prisoners themselves.
  • Under trials are allowed to wear their private clothing.
  • To wash clothes, washing soap is given free of cost.
  • The inmates are also given bathing soap and toothpaste free of cost.
  • Female inmates are provided with sanitary napkins free of cost.
  • The convict inmates can purchase other items of daily use out of their earnings. 50% of the wages earned by them can be used to purchase such items and remaining 50% of the wages are deposited in the banks being operated by the authorities as individual account.
  • Some prisoners are kept in individual cells, but these are not the dingy type as shown in the films, but properly ventilated room with provision for sanitary latrine and cabin fans.
  • The kitchens in most of the correctional homes are equipped with diesel gas ovens and the food is cooked by the prisoners themselves. Special care is taken to keep the environment hygienic and clean. The prisoner’s diet has been prepared on the advice of the qualified dieticians and is rich in nutritional value.more
  • In most of the correctional homes of the State we have dining hall facilities with ample space for the prisoners. Special care is taken to keep the environment of dining hall hygienic and clean.
  • In every Correctional Home there are separate hospitals with the necessary number of beds for indoor treatment with separate ward for men and women.more
  • Every prisoner is entitled to the services of Barber.


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