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Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - Facilities, Diet & Kitchen
Scale Of Medical Diet For Sick Prisoners :
  1. The medical diet for the prisoners shall be of the following scale:
    Sl. No
    1. Milk 500 ml.  
    2. Biscuit 4 Pcs.  
    3. Tea 10 gms  
    4. Sugar 50 gms  
    5. Chana-muri/ Bread 200 gms.  
    6. Rice 200 gms.  
    7. Atta 200 gms.  
    8. Vegetable 200 gms.  
    9. Potato 100 gms  
    10. Dal 60 gms.  
    11. Edible Oil 40 gms.  
    12. Meat or Fish 100 gms. & 150 gms.  
    13. Egg 1 Pc.  
    14. Onion 30 gms.  
    15. Banana 2 Pcs.  
    16. S. Lemon 1 Pc.  
    17. P. Lemon 1 Pc.  
    18. Spices 12 gms.  
    19. Salt 10 gms.  
    Diabetic Patients Diet
    Restricted Only To Diabetic Patients
    1. Bread/ Chana-Muri 100 gms.  
    2. Rice 150 gms.  
    3. Atta 150 gms,  
    4. Cucumber  2 Pcs.  
    5. Vegetable 150 gms.  
    6. Karela 50 gms.  
    7. G. Papita 100 gms.  

    For Those Who Do Not Consume Meat/Fish

    Milk ….. 250 ml (i.e. total of 750 ml)

    For Those Who Do Not Consume Egg /Meat/Fish

    Milk ….. 500 ml (i.e. total of 1000 ml)

  2. The Medical Officer may devise a special diet scale for each of the groups falling under the Invalid group, or order any special diet necessary in particular cases. They may be given a better quality of rice than ordinary prisoners and may be allowed oil for inunction daily before bath. Meat, fish, milk, dahi, goor, potatoes, or extra vegetables may be allowed. Meat, fish, milk or dahi may be given in lieu of quantities of dal of equal nutritive value, to be deducted from the regular ration or, if the Medical Officer considers it advisable, may be given in excess of the regular scale.

Dining Hall

In most of the correctional homes of the State we have dining hall facilities with ample space for the prisoners. Special care is taken to keep the environment of dining hall hygienic and clean.