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Official Website of West Bengal Correctional Services, India - Facilities, Diet & Kitchen

Scale of diet for Adult Prisoners

Sl. No
Quantity Per Head Per Day
1. Rice and Atta 250 gms
2. Dal 100 gms
3. Vegetables 300 gms
4. Potato 100 gms
5. Fish 75 gms/ Per week
6. Meat 75 gms/ Per week
7. Egg 01 pc. / Per week
8. Soyabean 25 gms/ Per week
Anti Scorbutic :
  1. Chutney of tomato/green mango/ green olive (Jalpai)/hog-plum (amra) according to availability in the season once in a week will be provided to all prisoners in their lunch for which additional quantity of the following articles will be issued along with 25 Gms. of any of the aforesaid anti scorbutic per prisoner per week. Chutney will be served on the day when no animal protein is served to the prisoners.
    Sl. No
    Quantity Per Head Per Day
    1. Mustard oil 0.25 gms.
    2. Turmeric 0.10 gms.
    3. Ginger 1.00 gms.
    4. Green Chilly 2.00 gms.
    5. Mustard Seed 0.10 gms.
    6. Velly goor 15.0 gms.
  2. Each prisoner gets 20 Gms. of mustard oil per day. This does not include the additional quantity of mustard oil @ 3 Gms. per prisoner to be issued on the days of cooking fish, meat, egg or soybean and @ 0.25 Gms. for making chutney.
  3. In addition to 15 Gms. of velly goor per prisoner per week for making chutney, each prisoner gets 25 Gms. of velly goor per day.


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